About Us


Pictured above is the man, the myth, the legend.... ELLIOTT, Sitting in his New York City office eating his favorite breakfast: a cheese danish along with a coffee. His legs popped up on his desk. Along with his favorite sign: "A Clean Desk Is a Sign Of A Sick Mind." Elliott was in the textile industry for over 60-70 years, everyone in the industry knew Elliott, he was either loved or hated but to him it was irrelevant because they knew who he was and was respected for the work he delivered worldwide. Everyone knew he loved an incredible BARGAIN! Grandpa would drive over 30 minutes to get a $5 haircut when he could have stayed in town and paid $10.. Always had coupons with him and was a nightmare to go grocery shopping with, why you ask? He would leave me behind! His focus was finding a deal! He didn't care what anyone said and wouldn't take no for an answer, people tend to call this persistence. He was one hell of a salesman, like no other; one of my heroes. One of my favorite stories, he tried to sell more textile to a company he was currently suing! Elliott's Bargain Bins focuses on finding that BARGAIN he proudly always found a way to find! Through this I hope to continue to allow his legacy to continue on! Our store has a lot of heart in it and we hope you enjoy all the bargains and have fun while finding them with us! THANK YOU!!!